Snella take-back scheme

Snella takes back scheme

At Snella, we are so proud of the things we create and know they have a high quality. But, on the other hand, our clothes are mainly designed for children, and we want children to have the possibility to be just that. They play around, explore and instead of walking, they roll, skip, or scramble along on their knees. It's the way it is, and we embrace that.

The reality is that fabrics can't withstand everything and will eventually be worn out. Children also spurt in height, making them grow out of their clothes with the flash of an eye. So, to sum up, children can't wear their clothes for as long as adults can.  

If you can't hand down, sell, or upcycle your pre-loved Snella items, we guarantee we'll do it for you. We promise to take your worn- or grown-out Snella items back to slow down the pace of producing new materials. 

Send your pre-loved Snella items to: 

Snella C/O Hannah Granström

Östra Kyviksvägen 20

429 30 Kullavik


Send them to us washed including your name and email-address. When we receive your items, you will receive a discount code for 30% off your next order on children's clothes and accessories. With these worn-out and outgrown pieces, we can produce new up-cycled pieces! That is true circular fashion!

If you have any further questions about our Snella take-back scheme, don't hesitate to contact Hannah at

Snella takes back scheme