What are treggings? Flat lay with Snella's beetle treggings

Our top 5 reasons children should wear treggings!

What is treggings? You are probably wondering what treggings are, the differences between leggings and treggings, and how to style them? Simply put: treggings are a pair of leggings designed to resemble a pair of trousers.

Treggings is sleek and comfortable yet structured, making them ideal for any occasion and event. In addition, they can be styled to look casual or formal, making treggings more versatile than leggings. Still, they are just as soft and comfortable as leggings.

What are treggings? Flatlay with treggings with beetle print and letters

Are treggings suitable for children?

Treggings are perfect for children because they love wearing comfortable clothing that suits both playing and resting. Likewise, buying soft clothes that children want to wear, fitting any occasion, is ideal for parents. Avoiding situations causing tantrums and breakdowns is highly appreciated. Opting for a children's capsule wardrobe with familiar and soft pieces that work both in formal and casual circumstances is an excellent life hack! 

What are treggings? Children sitting on their knees playing and wearing treggings

Treggings with pockets

Treggings often have pockets to make them look like trousers. Sometimes they are fake and can't be used. Other times they are real. Children love collecting precious items and placing them in their pockets. At Snella, we make our treggings with fake front pockets and real back pockets. Perfect for notes, stickers, feathers, flowers, and other unique collectibles!

What are treggings? Flatlay with treggings with beetle print and paper tassel in the back pocket

High waisted treggings

Styles come and go, but most of us find high waist pants comfortable. Treggings fit perfectly around the waist with elastic bands and are exceptionally comfortable when made with a high-rise style. A high waist fit is also suitable for children. They often sit kneeled down and bend over, exploring their surroundings. The high waist covers the lower back area during the colder seasons, keeping children cozy, warm, and comfortable. Children with nappies also benefit from the higher waist as the nappies take up a lot of space.

What are treggings? Treggings with beetle print with paper tassels next to them

Treggings with a fake fly

To look even more like trousers, treggings often has a fake fly. A fly without a zipper or buttons is ideal for children. They can easily pull the treggings up or down, making toilet visits easier. It is also suitable for children when getting dressed themselves, just as easy as a pair of leggings! The fly can also indicate what part of the treggings should be worn at the front. We include a fake fly on our treggings at Snella. It makes them look more dressed and helps children wear them the right way!

What are treggings? Treggings with beetle print, fake fly and fake pockets

How to style treggings

Treggings can be worn as you wish, like a pair of leggings or trousers. The structured design makes them look like very slim-fitting trousers or jeans. Many children like wearing slim trousers as it's comfortable and easy to play in. We love styling treggings like a pair of jeans at Snella. They suit perfectly with a t-shirt, sweatshirt, or bomber-styled sweatshirts, giving a contemporary casual look. The slim style also works well when combined with a dress or tunic. The endless possibilities of combinations make treggings unisex and genuinely versatile with great hand-me-down potential! That is sustainable!

What are treggings? How we love to style our treggings

Treggings are a true favourite in my children's wardrobe! Check out our full range of children's clothes to see our cute and unique matching sets!

All the best!


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