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How to keep a children’s wardrobe sustainable, save money and be fashionable? 

Buying clothes for children is not an easy task. Given how fast kids grow, it seems like you always need to make a budget for replacements of outgrown or worn-out items. How to tackle this problem? Choosing organic and sustainable clothes that last longer might be the answer. And if it's true that there were times when variety, materials, or colors were not in abundance, today's design options make going organic much easier. Here is what, we at Snella have in mind. 

How to choose sustainable clothes for your youngsters?

Get informed. When buying organic clothes, make sure you are well informed about all the materials, accessories included, where are they sourced from, and where produced. In our case, we, at Snella make clothes and accessories with tremendous respect to nature and people. Only organic materials are accepted, and our small-scale production is made by artisans, taking great pride in their work.

Multi-functional your new bestie. Smart shopping means choosing a design that is suitable for multiple occasions. Select styles that are suitable for playdates, outdoor adventures, or museum visits. Kids will appreciate being comfortable no matter what they do. This is part of Snella's designers’ vision when they create a new piece. Our clothes are also gender-neutral, which can be useful if you want to pass them along. 

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How to save money?

Never buy your children a lot of clothes since they will outgrow them quickly. The key is to shop wisely and get just the right amount according to your kids' activities and lifestyle. When you think of how we Swedes find balance and moderation, the word lagom comes to mind, which means not too much, not too little, and just the right amount. And here are some basic guidelines to follow: 

Plan before shopping. It is important to revisit your kid’s wardrobe and decide in advance how many items you need to buy. Avoid spending money on things you don't really need or buying items that you already have. Distribute your budget according to your children’s needs and the current season. In the long run, you’ll save money and avoid having unused pieces in your kid’s closet. What you want to spend your money on are unisex, timeless, comfortable, and high-quality pieces of clothing. 

Getting the right size. Buying the correct size before the season begins means avoiding purchasing clothes that are a bit smaller or a perfect fit, since your children may grow a few centimeters each season, and by the end of it, the item may not fit. This is where our designs will really win you over, since their contours provide a comfortable and attractive fit from the very first wear till next season. 

Taking good care. Here are some ways to make your children’s clothes last longer: First, do not wash unless something is visibly dirty. When the garment goes through tumbling in a washing machine, it wears out and fades a lot faster. Dry cleaning can be pricey and is not really advised when it comes to caring for organic cotton items. To prevent it from stretching, try gentle handwashing and using a drying rack or clothesline rather than a dryer. Always keep the kid's clothes in a cool and dry place. Avoid areas like the basement or the bathroom where bacteria can flourish and destroy your garments. 

Child wearing the fox t-shirt

Are sustainable clothes in fashion today?

For a long time, fashion industry was not really concerned about sustainability. Today, clothing brands are catching up with the new trend as consumers' concerns about the production and processing of materials grow.

Hannah, the founder of Snella, had second thoughts about starting the company after learning about the realities of the fashion industry and how fast fashion plays a significant factor in the global warming crisis. But what if she could create children's clothing with the smallest carbon footprint as our goal to provide our kids a brighter future? So, she decided to start making modern and fashionable designs for children that are both organic and sustainable. Kids absolutely love our clothes, which are decorated with easy-to-recognize animals or insects. 

The Snella brand is becoming climate neutral and produces all natural and organic durable clothes that can eventually biodegrade or be recycled, harming the environment as little as possible. And if by doing so, we help nature and bring joy to children while playing and adventuring in Snella’s clothes, our mission is accomplished.

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