Caring for a sick child

Surviving a day at home with sick children

It's the time of the year when we get sick. The children are back to kindergarten or school, and you are back at work. We stay inside a lot more, and germs are getting all mixed up. Maybe our immune systems are a bit low, too, after the years of isolation and quarantining during the pandemic. Becoming ill is something we just can't avoid.

It can be frustrating when our children need to stay home because of a cold, flu, or tummy bug. Calling work and letting them know you need to stay home because of your child can be challenging. But try to see things from the positive side. Days like these don't have to be bad, and I'll tell you why:

Slow down

Most of us live pretty hectic lives. A lot of work, activities, and a household to run. Your child needs a lot of rest and comfort when being sick. Take days like these to slow down and relax together. Cuddle up and read some books or why not treat yourselves to watching a film and have a nice cup of hot chocolate together. When your child has fallen asleep, why not rest too? Or pamper yourself with some meditation or yoga and refresh your mind. Slowing down is often very well needed.

Slow down

Soothing symptoms

Remember, it's not very comfortable being ill. Headaches, fever, blocked noses, and coughing can make anybody low and whiney. Help your child keep a comfortable temperature when feverish. Stay flexible with clothing, blankets, and open windows for comfort. Find comfortable positions to alleviate breathing and use saline nose spray that leaves no side effects. Children over the age of one can be treated with honey to soothe coughs and sore throats. When nothing tastes good, maybe an ice pop can help low blood sugar levels and keep your child hydrated. A nice cup of tea can sooth a sore throat. Treat your child like you would have wanted to be treated yourself!

tea pot

Fresh air

If your child is small enough to fit in a buggy or bike trailer, why not head out together for a bit? Some exercise and fresh air might give you some well-needed energy. In addition, the fresh air can clear up blocked noses and calm those exhausting coughs. Keep your child warm with cozy blankets, and cover the ears with a hat to avoid ear pain. It can also be a good opportunity for your child to sleep if they are unsettled. 

Be creative

If your child is not too ill, why not be creative together? Bring out those colouring books or print some free ones out. With the increased popularity of mandala, there are colouring pages for all ages! Or create something by doing a project together! For example, we once made a dinosaur world from a cardboard box and watercolours, a perfect home for our toy dinosaurs.


Play together

Don't forget to have some fun and play together. Often, there is enough energy left for gentle games. Build some lego, play restaurant in the toy kitchen, or play card- or board games. Why not give large puzzles an attempt? Think of it as quality time with your child. They are only small and young for a short time, so make the most of it! Your child can't get too much of its parents.

Good luck and get well soon!


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