Art hanging at exhibition


I've been thinking of exhibiting my work for quite some time, but it's just been no point during the pandemic. Finally, life is getting easier with fewer restrictions allowing us to creep out of our homes and indulge ourselves with entertainment again.

This is my first exhibition, and I've chosen to show seven of my most favourite pieces from the Beetle's collection. The whole planning process has been enjoyable, from deciding which prints to include, how they should be framed and in which order they should be shown. I chose to frame with natural oak frames from Søstrene Grene because they add a beautiful minimalistic and natural look. I also value that the frames come with glass and not acrylic glass, to enhance the view quality. I spend a lot of time working with my images: finding the proper compositions and light, then finding the best print shops and paper to enhance the photos. I don't want the acrylic glass to stand in the way of the whole immersive experience!

art hanging at exhibition

I like to support local businesses so the art is available for viewing in my local café, Cookies and Cream. It's such a cozy place, located along the Berlin Wall memorial path, with Berlin's best cookies and ice cream. My favourites are "Zila": the lemon and lavender cookie and the chocolate/fresh mint ice cream.

Ice cream

My seven pieces are hanging in the hallway that connects the cafe with their cozy garden. You will find three prints sized 40x60cm and four prints sized 13x19.5cm. I love the small prints. They give you such an intimate and precious experience because they invite you to come close. Spend a moment, only the two of you together. The larger prints are more self-confident and exhibit all the fascinating details today's cameras can capture.

IThe print I found light hanging I a children's room

The exhibition is on from the 7th of October and at least one month onwards! I hope to see you there!


Hannah, xxx

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